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Terms and Conditions

*CONDITIONS FOR DOUBLE YOUR TAX REFUND PROGRAM (the “Program”): Program only available from a participating CMH retailer (“Seller”) for the purchase of a new home (excluding all in-stock or display model homes) at the posted retail sales price with a sales agreement that is signed, February 3, 2023 through April 1, 2023. The buyer together with any co-buyers (collectively “Buyer”) must make a “Qualified Deposit” to participate in the Program. A Qualified Deposit is the Buyer’s total cash deposit against the purchase price of a new home that Buyer delivers to Seller, in one or more installments, between February 3, 2023 through April 1, 2023. Buyer may use tax refund monies or any other available cash for making the Qualified Deposit. If Buyer makes a Qualified Deposit, Seller will provide a matching amount equal to the amount of the Qualified Deposit, however, the matching amount shall not exceed the lesser of (a) 5% of the posted home only retail sales price of the home purchased, or (b) $6,000 (“Matching Amount”). Matching Amount will be applied by Seller, at Buyer’s choice, to one, or any combination of two or three, of the following three forms: (i) a reduction in the total sales price of the home package, consisting of the home purchased plus all other items included in the sale; (ii) a VISA® debit card (limited to maximum amount of $2,500); or (iii) Seller paid closing costs (excluding Seller paid discount points that are not required by the lender) (collectively the “Matching Options”). If the posted home only retail sales price of the home is reduced by the Seller either through negotiation with the Buyer, or as a result of the underwriting requirements of the lender selected by the Buyer, or if the Seller is required by the lender selected by the Buyer to pay discount points or any other fees and charges, the Matching Amount will be applied first to the amount of the negotiated or lender required reduction of the home sales price and then to the lender required Seller paid discount points, fees and charges. Any remaining Matching Amount will be applied at Buyer’s choice to one or more of the Matching Options. Under no circumstances will any portion of the Matching Amount be applied toward Buyer’s down payment if Buyer obtains financing for the home purchase from any lender of Buyer’s choice. Buyer is solely responsible for paying the entire amount of any down payment. If Buyer selects the VISA debit card, Buyer will be subject to all terms and conditions set forth on the card, including the expiration date, and also to all terms and conditions set forth in the issuer’s cardholder agreement. VISA debit card will be issued in the name of the primary Buyer by MetaBank® pursuant to a license from VISA U.S.A. Seller will deliver the VISA debit card to Buyer either in person or by mail within 4-6 weeks after the home purchase has been completed and all conditions of the sale have been satisfied. Buyer may not combine the Program with any other offer or promotion made by Seller, including without limitation in-stock or display model homes. Program not be available with USDA/FHA/VA financing, and may be subject to certain lender requirements that restrict the forms of Matching Amount that Seller can provide. Program void where prohibited, but only to the extent prohibited. If the amount of the Qualified Deposit exceeds the Matching Amount, then the excess portion of the Qualified Deposit will not be matched by Seller.

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